Wednesday, 18 May 2011

How to Format and Reinstall Microsoft Windows Platform.

Have you ever experienced that your Computer unit was slowing down? May be Virus Infected, Corrupted Operating System, New Unit with no Software Install? Plan to Upgrade to Microsoft Latest Platform. However, don't know how to do? Why don’t you try the steps below.

Note: Before you decided what platform you'll like to install check first the system requirements.

1. First Boot your Computer/Laptop by pressing F2 or Delete depends on Model/Brand of the Unit . 
(Read your Mother Board Manual) 

2 Choose the BOOT option and choose Boot Device Priority and choose first boot device to CDROM and second boot device to HARD DRIVE You can press F10 to save settings.

For Phoenix Bios Select Advanced Bios Features>First Boot Device CDROM and Press F10 to Save.

3. After you setup the BIOS you can insert the Installer and Press any key see the screen shot below.

 4. Installation of Platform.

Start: Installation started 
Configure your language, time, currency and keyboard layout.

Click Install Now

Installing Windows after the installation complete the Unit will restart.

Customization starts. Type  user name and computer name, password, and product key.
Finalizing Windows 7 setup

Your Done.

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