Monday, 9 May 2011

Pointing Satellite in the Philippines

Q. Can I Watch FREE MOVIE in Philippines without paying to the Cable Company?
A. YES that is possible using the Satellite Technology.

To Setup Satellite please follow the procedure below.

1. You must have the following device such as C-band Satellite or KU Band Satellite Dish, Receiver and LNB.

C-band and KU-band Dish

 OPENBOX Receiver

C-band and KU-band LNB

2. Check the for updated frequency, channel and Satellite that you'll like to point.

3. After you completed the device needed and gathered information. Now it’s time to pointing the BIRD ABOVE from the Sky. You can check for the Right Azimuth and Elevation then check on your TV for SIGNAL and QUALITY.

Then you’re done! You can sit and watch for FREE TO AIR Movie

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